Intestinal Health Program

Concept used to stimulate swine’s intestinal mycroflora in a healthy way, preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, Clostridia, Escherichia coli, among others, and improving the production of beneficial bacteria.


  • Acid LAC
  • CLOSTAT (Bacillus subtilis PB6).
  • ButiPEARL

Antioxidants Program

Program to stabilize raw materials and food; delaying oxidation. Decreases feed refusal and nutritional properties of its components as vitamins are preserved. We have wide range of synthetic and natural antioxidants.


  • PET-OX

Addition of Minerals and Microencapsulated Program

Program focused on the incorporation of Microencapsulated (Lysine, Methionine) and minerals into the feeding formula such as Zinc and Chromium.


  • LysiPEARL
  • MetiPEARL
  • KemTRACE Zinc
  • KemTRACE Cromo

Grains Conservation Program

Antifungal preventive program decreases the proliferation of fungi, yeasts and mycotoxins, increases lifetime and grain maintains its own characteristics.


  • Myco  CURB

Salmonella Prevention Program

Program based on liquid and powder disinfection of surfaces and facilities such as bins, fields, food factories. So as to prevent Salmonella on farms besides improve intestinal health of animals.


  • Sal CURB

Mycotoxins Program

Mycotoxin control program with a broad spectrum product that guarantees effectiveness.


  • TOXFIN (REP 044)

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